Sunday 15 November 2015

More Makes

I have made up another batch of Country Christmas Angels
 I love these country angels, I might make up some more for a bunting. and I have an idea of something i can do with them next year.
I made these little huggable guys today, I was thinking about them last night in bed, 
I then remembered I have a box of click and seal tin cans, so I thought I would put the huggy Koalas into the cans, print off some labels and add them to my stall.
Went to get the cans today, they were not in my craft store room, they were not in the attic,
that only means one thing they are still in storage, Martin has been instructed to bring them back on friday, I will be pushing it a bit as the craft fair is on Saturday, 
I will get some more made this week in readiness then keep fingers crossed that Martin remembers to bring them and they fit in the cans.

I have also been making some PVC peg bags, but forgot to take a picture of them.
and just as a fun item I have been doing these

Sunday 8 November 2015

A Little Foxy

I saw this cushion on a lovely blog That Black Chick a few weeks ago, I was so taken by the simplistic design I kept thinking about it and today I got a chance to make it.
I have to get a cushion pad to fit it, the spare ones I had are too small
I found the fabric with the tees on in my stash, 
I used some dark gold faux leather for the applique 
buttons came from my stash.
It just has a simple envelope opening at the back, 
The instructions were really easy to follow and there is a PDF to print out for the templates.

I also made some chicken doorstops and vinyl peg bags today, will show you another day.

Friday 6 November 2015

The Great Welsh Clay Challange

The other evening I watched the The Great Pottery Throw Down and really enjoyed it, afterwards I was thinking it would be fun to have a go at pottery.
Next day, ping e-mail from the lady who sends out the local event news to everyone, there was a play with clay session in the village hall this evening £12.
I phoned up and booked myself a place and let Bovey Belle know about it as well.
We both arrived and before long we were starting on our pinched pots
 BB getting stuck into pinching her pot
 I had something different in mind for mine

 my first pot become a money bag
 BB had a bowl and a salt pig done by the time I finished my little bag
 my next piece was a tea light holder
 I had a lemon shape in mind don't know why
 I made some legs for this one
 BB made another bowl that she was going to put ball feet on
 and she decorated the inside of her salt pig
 my two clay pots
 think I should reserve a spot in the Tate.
We had a lovely evening, our clay work now goes off to be fired and when it comes back we will get to add some colour and glaze to complete them, we have both signed up for the next session were we will make a decorative tile.