Monday 18 April 2016

Mixed Bag of Stitching

I did Sol a little bandanna for when we go out 
 he is now one smart looking dog
 Also thought it was time I smartened myself up
 I have done this apron for when I am doing my craft stall,
it has a nice big pocket in the front, perfect for notebook, pen, tape measure and business cards.
The apron was pre-made I have three of them, left over from the shop days, all the staff use to wear these aprons I did have the shop names embroidered on them, I had a few spares so thought I would put them to use.

I had a go at stitching on baby socks today with a new frame I have for my machine
spot the mistake?

Yes they are now both left feet socks, still it was only a practise.

I have also been making some lavender bags to add to my stall
just got to fill them now 
I like to have a good mix of items in various price ranges,
these little things are often bought as little gifts.

I am working on some bunting for my stall as well.
will show you when its done :-)

Monday 11 April 2016

Couple Of Makes For Me

I did this Zebra embroidery design on a T-shirt
this way Martin does not mistakenly take my T-shirts
got a few more blank t-shirts  want to decorate at some point 

I then went on to do a cushion 
Its a practice sample so will end up in the guest room
Still unsure if I like the variegated thread on the leaves.


Sunday 3 April 2016

Personalisation And A Wedding

I was making up another couple of cushions for yesterdays craft event
and there was a flaw with the thread 
 Unless you looked very close you wouldn't notice it but I knew it was there
I decided this cushion was to become a sample and personalised it with Sol's name

Springer spaniel was the other I added to the collection

I have a lovely time at the village hall yesterday and have some orders for personalised cushions.
I have about 45 dog designs, I have printed all the images off and put them in a display folder
this way people can flick through and choose the dog breed,
I hope over time to have them all stitched out.
I have been asked to have a stall a couple of other events,
that's a problem, one is in the evening during the week, and the other is an all day event on a week day, it would be very very difficult for me to attend.
Once Martin is up here full time I will be able to do other events,
In the meantime I will stay with the little village monthly event.
I have set up a little Etsy shop as well, although I am not offering to personalise cushions on that yet.
I made a start on another project yesterday.
Barefoot Sandals, I have been asked about them for a bride to wear, I am playing with a prototype
This is the design I am doing 

I have it all stitched out now for the putting together and decorating 
I think they are so pretty