Sunday 20 September 2015

Stitching Toilet Rolls

Yes you read it right
I have been embroidering onto toilet rolls,
why because I can,
I also thought it might be something quirky to take along to the craft fair :-)

Saturday 19 September 2015

More craft Fair Sewing

I have done another selection of things for the up an coming craft fair

The penguin and snowman have see through tummies with a little pocket on the back to fill them from

The baby bibs I didnt make just embroidered.
seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now, well I thought I was then I got an email from a friend to say she had booked me into a craft fair end of November, so its nose to grindstone again :-)

Thursday 17 September 2015

Its Pumpkin Time

I finally got round to making a new little pumpkin to go with my collection I try to make a couple of new ones each year 

This one has been needle felted with a single needle, he is only 2 inches tall
 Last Year it was these two little one
and from previous years a crochet one and one made from the leg of an old pair of jean's and a fabric one.
It will soon be time to get them all out again :-)

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Stitch In Time

I have been so busy stitching getting ready for the Autumn fair in October
 Tissue Holders, Gift Card Holders
 Fleece hats for babies
 Candy Cane Mice, Candy Cane Horses, Mini felt stockings
 Candy Cane Owls
 Bottle Aprons
 Gingerbread Men Pomanders

Hats for toddlers.

This all mainly samples the stock that is made is all packaged now, still have more hats to do, waiting delivery on some blank baby bibs and some clear vinyl for another range of items.
I have been having a great time :-)

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Fermenting Fleece part 2

About 4 weeks I set Lambert's fleece to self clean by the Fermenting Suint method 
details of the method can be found here Fermenting Suint
I will start back at the beginning 
 Lambert was sheared you can see how dirty he is
 This was back in spring lovely and clean underneath
 Four weeks ago his fleece was put into a black bin filled with rainwater lid on and left
 Today was the day, I set up and old fire guard (never throw anything away) over a big container
 Took the lid off the bin phew did it stink
 pulled out the fleece and left it to drain
 the water that drained off was poured back into the bin
 and another fleece I was given a few weeks ago was put in to start fermenting
 this fleece should work a lot quicker you can re-use the water lots of times

I rinsed off the fleece with rainwater several times until there was no more smell, the fleece you can see is a lot cleaner and its now drying off in the sunshine, once dry I can card it and then it will be ready for spinning.
It was a bit smelly to do but nothing worse than a muck heap :-)

Tuesday 1 September 2015

A Rainbow Arrived

My felt supplies were running low with making things for the Christmas fair,
Now its all re-stocked again
 Opening the box was letting out a rainbow, I buy felt by the roll its more cost effective for me, I have kept on an account with one of the suppliers I had for the shop of course when I browse there site I end up adding other things to the order
 Blended merino wools stunning colours, sorry they were still in there wrappers
and curly locks again a lovely selection of colours 
I want to do some needle felting and have a project in mind for some of these,
 now all I need is time its a shame they don't sell that as well, oh well the dark nights are coming in so it will be more time for crafting :-)