Tuesday 17 November 2020

Last Christmas or the one before

 Last Christmas no it was Christmas 2018 on my list was a small laser engraver I wanted one just to play around with, I did play with it a few times with mixed results.

Recently I have got it out again, often when I return to things after a break I get better results

I can load an image up on the computer software

Then send it to the engraver 
I can only do 4x4 area but that is great for what I want to do
I am pleased with the Results and the detail 

I have done lots of the vegan leather key fobs, at some point they will be added to my shop

I have also been experimenting on the log slices 

I have a few other Wooden things I am going to play with next.
Anyone else got a laser engraver?

Sunday 8 November 2020

Playing with Resin

 I have been having great fun playing with Resin, it’s a messy craft and not an economical craft.

The resin is mixed in two parts and has to be left for a few days to cure.

There are hundreds of molds out there.

This layered pyramid lamp has been my biggest piece to date, it took over a week to make as you have to wait for each layer to cure 

before you can Work on the next one. 

It has been fun, and the demolding at the end is exciting as it’s the first time you see your pieces.

I love setting the dandelion clocks in the spheres , 

Theses came about through my grandson wanting one as gear knob in his van. 

The little snails I adore, some of the shells have individual dandelion wishes set deep inside them 

The reindeer jewellery tidy I love too.

I have made so many little bits and pieces, some will go as gifts.

It has been great playing around with a new craft.

Just a selection of some of the resin things I have done .

Is there a new craft you have tried during this strange year, I would love to know.

If you have a craft blog please let me know in comments I would love some new ones to add to my side bar. 

Finally a couple of you have asked about my online shop it’s here, please pop along have a look, let me know what you think. 

Homespun Creations Shop