Saturday 26 December 2015

Show And Tell

Now all the wrappers have been torn off
 I can show you some of the gifts I made this this year
 Elsa Hat
 Anna Hat
 I did a couple of personalised clocks for some of the boys
 tractor hat and scarf set
 monogrammed mobile phone hipster bags with lip balm holders for some of the girls
 baby fleece hat and cardigan
 A couple of sets of these cushions for loved up couples
 lace ballerina mobile
 That silk fabric I bought I made a tie from
 was so pleased with how it came out
 Toffee vodka
 Scottish tablet
 hooded fleece blanket
 yet another fleece hat
Chocolate Christmas pudding treats

Now its all over with I have to get thinking about the next time, with 13 grandchildren there never seems to be enough time to get everything made :-)

Tuesday 22 December 2015

A Bit Of Stitching Time

Among everything that has been going on the past few days 
I have found some time to do more stitching with my new machine
I saw this idea and fancied giving it a try
its a design stitched on to organza then glued onto candles
These are not real candles although they are wax, they have a flickering imitation flame bulb.
I must admit they do look very effective, 
I plan to arrange some greenery around the candles.

Now there is a design I have sitting on my computer for some time
I really wanted to get it done
Today I got my Rooster Dangler stitched out
I used scraps from the scrap box to make him 
He adds  nice splash of colour to the kitchen 
I might make a few of these to add to my stall next year 
I have a few other sewing projects in the pipe line
 hopefully I will find some time over the holidays

Saturday 19 December 2015

A New Addition

For a while I have been talking about having a second embroidery machine
the idea being I can run two  side by side and increase productivity 
They are a considered purchase 
Well I found a real bargain last week on offer
placed an order and my new machine arrived yesterday 
I did do a check round on prices before buying and it was the best offer around £1,000 off
and some extras like dual foot control and extension table worth £300 thrown in
I had to unpack it to get it back out of the house and into the cabin 
the box was too big for me carry on my own
 I got it set up and tried it out
 It works like a dream
It is a big machine and takes up almost twice the space as my other machine
also the embroidery area is twice that of my other machine
giving me more scope on projects
I know the machine will pay for itself 
so I have no guilt at all spending so much money on a second machine
my other reason for needing a second machine is servicing, my original machine that is only 6 years old has been worked hard this past year, it is in need of a major service, it was serviced last year like a car these machine need servicing after doing so many thousands of stitches, I exceeded my stitch range back in summer, I do clean it and maintain it every week but it still needs a service and that means going away for a few weeks as I know parts have to be replaced this time, nothing major just general wear and tear, it would be like losing an arm for those few weeks,  having a second machine will fill that gap and take the pressure of my older machine.
They are both Brother machines just different models, the newer one having lots of new features.

while I was setting up and trying out the new machine I got a project finished on my other machine
My Christmas table runner it was all done in the hoop with the applique
It has been on my list of things I want to do for some time.
Not much stitching will get done this week end  as we have other plans, then my list is clear and I have six weeks of stitching planned over the holiday's,
I also have a friend coming to stay for a few days, I am really looking forward to seeing her
She got her machine a year ago and has not tried it out yet, she is bringing it with her so we can get her going on it :-)

Thursday 3 December 2015

Crafting For Me

Now my order book is closed and all orders are completed, the last of them goes in the post tomorrow, Saturday I have my last craft fair of the year.
I can turn my thoughts to other crafts for a while 
Today I made something for me 
I was so impressed with the fleece welly socks I got for my birthday last month, I decided to make myself a pair.
I have loads of fleece so I didn't need to buy anything in.
Of course I showed them to a friend and now she wants some, no pressure I will have them done next week for her.

Last Friday we had another pottery session, this time it was to add some colour and surface decoration to our fired pieces.
 All the pieces after there first firing, there are some great pieces there.
 My tea light holder and money bag
 A tile I practised some of the colours on
 In theory this should come out orange on the outside and yellow on the inside, we shall see
 Bovey Belle praying for divine creativity
 Her prayers have been answered I think, some lovely design work
 another great BB piece
 I didn't get a finished photo of this but BB painted little flowers on it.
My money bag, brown on the outside and red on the inside and the cord should come out yellow.
The pieces have all gone off to be dipped in a glaze and a final firing.
We get them back this week end I am looking forward to seeing how they come out :-)