Monday 11 March 2019

Still Being Fishy

There seems to have been a bit of fish theme going on in the cabin of late.
This week I was doing an underwater wall hanging

 it was a fairly easy one to do 
all the characters were done in applique using scraps from the scrap box
The background was strips of fabric put together to give the impression of the sea
It didnt take that long to do and made a small dent in the scrap box.
An order for a customer

Another dragon dream catcher has been made
This time in light airy girly colours.
I have been playing around with an idea for another dream catcher
Here is a preview glimpse of the idea, its not been fixed down yet still some work to do on it 
An idea in the making.





Sunday 3 March 2019

A Project For Me

I got round to making something that I have had my eye on for some time 

 This big 3d fish he is 2 foot long and I love him.
I have mounted him on an artist canvas, 
each section was made separately embroidered then all put together like a jig saw  
There re 3 more in the set so I might get round to doing the others.

Over Christmas I started dabbling in a new craft Resin.
I have made lots of little bits and bobs with it 
these were on my list to do.
setting Snowdrops in pendents I had to wait for our snowdrops to come up and we are several weeks behind everyone else but at last I had some appear and I got them set.