Wednesday 29 April 2015

Unpacking Memories

I have been unpacking some of the boxes from the shop that contained samples that I had either made for workshops or just on display, some I have binned and some I have put into my cabin.
Here is a selection of them

Some of these are years old the ones from workshops I can still remember who came to the workshops, I dont know know if that is good or bad, There is another 4 or 5 boxes of samples to unpack, I will have to decide what to happen to them all at some point.

Friday 17 April 2015

A Bit Of Cardmaking

I took a day off from working in the garden today so I could do a bit of crafting, after having a bit of a tidy up in the cabin I fancied doing some card making.
This a really old card blank that has been sitting in my stash for some time, I have a few different design of this type of card, there is an aperture that has a mesh behind it and you infill the mesh with Pontura Paint, it leaves a raised beaded design.
A simple stamped card coloured in sepia and die cut greeting.
Another very simple black and white card, it was cut out with my cameo I don't like this one and it may end up in the trash.
So that's was it for today 3 cards made.

Monday 6 April 2015

Book Folding Art

While my daughter has been down visiting, we had a go at a new craft for the two of us,
Book Folding Art, it is something I have admired for some time.
This is the one I did
This is the one my daughter did.
Both the same we have spent the last couple of evenings doing them.
At first we both made a big mistake and measured from the wrong place and didn't discover until we were half way through it so had to start again, not a mistake we will make again.
We both want to go on and make some other designs now, the books are yet to be decorated to finish them off.

Friday 3 April 2015

Easter Crafting With The Girls

I have some of my granddaughter down visiting for Easter, yesterday they were set the task of making some chicks with polystyrene eggs.
they had a great time crafting in the cabin, were making a mess didn't matter
As you can see we had a wonderful selection

a flock of fantasy chicks to grace the Easter table 

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Unfinished Projects Finished

I know I haven't posted much about crafting but I have been nibbling away at a couple of unfinished projects, I want to clear the decks and I am resisting starting anything new until I have finished off a few things.
I have finished this, its a small rag rug, it now lives in the downstairs toilet. Rag rugging is a great way of using up those little scraps of fabrics.
I also finished this crochet blanket, its made out of oddments of yarn left over from past projects and is just a made as a giant granny square.
I wanted to get it finished to be used on the travel cot, all ready for my visitors tomorrow.
So that's two projects finished out of the way, still several to go.