Saturday 25 February 2017

I Have Been Crafting

I have been crafting honest
I have worked on an idea for a memory cushion
Its made from the shirt of a loved one and an embroidered patch is added.
Then there was a play cooker for the little ones, made from a chair cover that slips over a dining chair, ideal for those short on space or grandparents to have for those little visitors.
Motor home keyrings
An applique motor home cushion
The applique is done in leatherette with glitter vinyl for the windows
Easter bunnies, the ones in terracotta pots are table decorations the other two are holding chocolate eggs.
Wedding season is upon us
Lace horseshoes to bring good luck
Today's make pinafore's for little tots getting ready for the summertime.
 I think this bring me up to date 
Told you I have been crafting. 😀