Tuesday 14 June 2016

Appliscape Picture

As it was raining I was back in the cabin this time making an appliscape.
 An Appliscape is a quilted picture panel
 Using layers of fabric
 And details are enhanced with machine embroidery
 This one is going to be hung in the bathroom, in the meantime its been entered into a competition the theme is summer fun.
The competition is being run by one of the machine embroidery groups I belong to.

Sunday 12 June 2016

A New Craft For Me

The other evening I caught Make Craft Britain on BBC4 its a one off program, shame as it was really good.
It followed two diffrent groups that attended workshops.
One was doing paper art cutting, something I have done before and run workshops on. 
The other group were doing lampshades a craft I have always fancied having a go at.
They did freehand applique on there lampshades but it gave me an idea.
I ordered a kit from Amazon

Image result for lampshade kit 20cm 

Dug out some shot silk fabric from my stash 
I had an image in mind.
I used the  lampshade liner as template to mark on my fabric were the image was to go.

Stitched it out

Followed the instructions for the assembly of the lamp shade
It was easy to do and took about an hour start to finish.

Really really pleased with it, the lamp base was made for me by my father in law, this shade is a bit small for this lamp, I am going to make another shade the same, put them in the guest room and make another shade for this lamp.

Monday 6 June 2016

More New Makes

A few new makes 
 A family of button stick people
 Tractor word art
 Ideal for fathers day
 Grandads included
 Something for sporty dads
Sorry about the flash reflecting 
they are available for sale on my for sale page.