Sunday 4 December 2022

It’s Been A Year


Well that has been a long year, 

What happened, 

Well if you follow my main blog, face book you tube you will know I had some serious health issues, crafting was very difficult and there was just not the energy to do much along with just day to day stuff that needed doing.

Anyway I have now had an operation and getting back to normal, crafting is now becoming part of my day again.

At the moment I am playing around with weaving up scraps bit of yarn, along with some of my early first attempts of spinning,

 A bit of scrap weaving

A short video showing some of the weaving I have been doing in the evening

I am now starting to get back into doing some craft workshops in the cabin we did an applique draught excluder the other week.

I am not back to doing craft chairs and don’t know if I will return to them, but we have during this past year built and opened a little farm shop here on our smallholding and I have lots of craft bits in there for sale also while I was unwell I did set up a web site and started listing items on there. 

So that’s a rough update of we’re and what Ihave been doing the past year.