Saturday 29 August 2015

Goodies and Lovelies

The postie brought me two lovely packages 
 First was a box of lovelies a lucky dip box of blended batts for spinning, I ordered them through the spinning group, it doesn't show up in the picture but there is Angelina fibres blended with the wool to give a bit of sparkle, I shall enjoy spinning with these.
 Next was a box of sewing machine feet
32 different ones for just £12.99 off Amazon, there is a great selection of feet, it can cost £5 -£10 for some of these individually, this is a real bargain.
In the box is the following 
Braiding, Fringe, 5 hole cord, 7 hole cord, patchwork edge joining, 1/4 inch quilting, straight stitch, open toe embroidery, pearl piping, Teflon zig zag, Cording, 1/4 inch piecing guide, 9 groove pin tuck, overcast edge, stitch in the ditch guide, 7 groove pin tuck, satin stitch, zig zag jaguar, double welting, concealed zip, roller foot, blind hem, applique, open toe, quilting darning, gathering, 3mm rolled hem, 6mm rolled hem, embroidery darning, adjustable bias, knit, adjustable zip foot.
I have a few of these already but they will also fit my other sewing machines I shall enjoy discovering how to use them all.

Friday 21 August 2015

Whats A Girl To Do ............

Whats a girl to do when all you get is rain ? the answer is easy craft of course.
That's what I have been doing over the past few days.
I have been working on some ideas for the Christmas Fair in the village this October.
Bottle Aprons to glam up that bottle of brew that's been given as a gift, I have about 8 different designs worked out, they are all embroidered onto felt I thought £2 each.
Scented Gingerbread Men Pomander's, they will be impregnated with a Christmas spice oil £2.50
Pocket Tissue Holders I am doing them in a selection of colours and they come with a pack of tissues inside, £3
Candy Cane Mice and Owls £1.50

So that is what I have been working on the past few days, I have some other ideas as well.
When I went to the quilt festival the other week I was really taken with a quilted panel on display there, I didn't buy it but have thought about it since getting home, I took the details of the company selling it and the other day I went onto there web site and it was there at the same price as it was at the show, I ordered it in fact I ordered the kit.
This is the panel Autumn Harvest its about 4 ft long so difficult to do it justice in a photo
The kit contained everything needed to complete the panel, wadding, backing fabric, binding fabric, gold gems and gold thread. £22 from Stitch Witch
There is no chance it will get done this year a project for the new year perhaps. :-)


Wednesday 19 August 2015

A Knitting WIP

Another WIP this time a knitting project, It hasn't been sitting round as long as some others but still waiting in the wings to be picked up, its a lace scarf done with a very fine fingering yarn.
It was a free kit that came with a magazine.
I have been knitting a few rows an evening so its going to take some time, but I will keep nibbling away at it :-)

Thursday 13 August 2015

Fermenting Fleece

Yes I am fermenting a sheep's fleece
Lambert's fleece has been put into a big dustbin and is soaking in rainwater, this method is suppose to clean the fleece, it will stay in there for two weeks then be rinsed off and dried ready for spinning,
Once his fleece comes out another will go into the same water and so on until I have all four sheep fleeces done.
There is more details on this method here Fermenting Fleece

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Elephant Finished

Yeah I got my Elephant picture finished 
another WIP crossed off the list, I gave it a quick wash and pegged it out in the sunshine, it was a bit dusty from sitting around. I can now find another needle felting project to do, perhaps something a bit smaller this time. I fancy trying some 3d pumpkins, I shall see.

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Needle Felting WIP

I have got back to work on another WIP
Its a needle felted picture, it was started a few years ago I hope to have it finished in a couple of evenings.

I have got something finished yippee
A simple hat knitted with my first skein of home spun Alpaca yarn. 
As it is my first attempt of spinning Alpaca and only my second attempt of spinning I am pleased with it, the yarn wasn't perfect it was in various thicknesses, but I don't care its knitted a lovely hat and adds to the character of it, all home produced from one of my own Alpacas :-)

Monday 10 August 2015

45 Done 35 to go

Unless I miss counted I now have 45 blocks of THE QUILT done and 35 to go 
 Got another three done today so headway is being made, I might even get another done tonight yet.

I also made two fairy doors for my daughter, they are made from air dry clay using a mould.
She wants them plain so she can paint them herself.
Air dry clay is very lightweight they will be easy to post.
Her idea is to put one in the little ones room fixed to skirting board so she thinks the fairy's live there, I have some little key charms I am going to send with the doors as well.
The second one is for her friend.

Sunday 9 August 2015

THE Quilt Again

 Two more blocks done today on the quilt
 This quilt is becoming a bit of thorn in my side
 I really really want to get it finished, but now I am bored with it
 I have got half the blocks done now, I need to just pull out the stops and get it finished
 At the quilt show I got this kit for a wreath, I had in mind to do it for Christmas but having looked more at it I don't think its Christmasy enough, I still like it very much.
 It comes with everything and is in gold and red,
I did also buy an extra wire ring so will have to give some thought to a Christmas wreath.

Friday 7 August 2015

Quilt Festival 2015

It was a lovely day out at the Quilt Festival held in the NEC, one day is not enough time to get around it all, there are quilts from all round the world on display as well as lots of stands selling goodies, everything from fabric to pins and much much more.

 This just a very small selection of some of the wonderful items on display.
I didn't buy a lot this time a couple of books, sewing needles a lovely kit to do a Christmas wreath and few bits of fabric, I always take my shopping trolley to events like this to save having endless bags and usually my trolley is bulging but this time my purchases sat sadly on the bottom, there was a lot of things I could of bought but was sensible this time, I have so much stash I really need to make an impact on it before buying more :-)

Monday 3 August 2015

Little Cook Set

Its my youngest granddaughters 2nd birthday this week-end and her mum has got her a little kitchen, I got to work on this set to go with it 
Apron, Chef's hat and oven mitts
The hat is adjustable with a Velcro fastener and I added Velcro to the apron straps to make it easier to fasten, the oven mitts have been padded and quilted.
I used iron lettering for hat, on the apron I added a pocket as all little ones like a pocket.
I do like the owl fabric I think it suits little ones.