Monday 4 May 2020

Yes Still Crafting but Changing

I may have disappeared but I have been crafting my little fingers to the bone, there has been a lot of family and smallholding stuff going on, pop over to my other blog if you want updating on all that.
New additions arrived in the family a few weeks ago 11 weeks early so little dresses hats and quilts have been made 

I have also been getting to grip with something else, a couple of years ago I bought a long arm quilting frame and machine from a fellow blogger, try as I might I couldn’t get results I was happy with following the pantographs, well just before lockdown I have a lovely PPI payout, I was mulling over the idea of upgrading the quilting system to make it user friendly.
Then we went into lockdown, all the craft fairs were cancelled, I had boxes of stock all made so didn’t need to make more, 
so I thought ideal opportunity to work on the quilting white elephant that was taking up a lot of room in my cabin.
I invested my payout in a computerised robotic system to work on the long arm.
I have been spending my time during learning the software and how to top quilt on the long arm

This the front and back of one of the quilts I have done,
I have now top quilted two quilts and about to start my third, I have another two in the box to do, I am loving quilting again, it has been a bit of a learning curve and I do hope that by the end of the year I can offer a top quilting service.
If this works out then I can vastly reduce the amount of craft I do, which do take a lot of preparation and very exhausting at times. 
Any craft fairs I go back to doing my stock will greatly change as well including more of what is produced here on the small holding something I have been striving to achieve. 
More on that in my next post. 


  1. Lucky baby girls, you made beautiful dresses for them.Your quilts look very neat, but I would not expect anything else from you Dawn. It's nice to do something different.

  2. I have serious envy today with your new quilting machine. I have nowhere I could put one but it’s nice to dream. Good luck with Your new venture. Catriona