Friday 26 February 2021

Knitting Machine is out again.

 I have had my old Toyota machine out again, playing around with punch cards

I have been making up hats using the cards that I punched out to try out the designs.

Here is a short speeded up video of the knitting machine been set up.

That’s all for today folks.

Take care.


  1. That brought back memories, my sister has my machine, it's never used anymore, I don't have room to use it here.

  2. After the house sale fell through I left everything packed up until a couple of months ago. I re organised my sewing room and got my knitting machines out and cleaned and oiled them. Then I boight another on FB Marketplace and it came with a garter carriage so have been using that these past few weeks to make a baby blanket for my new great grandbaby due this coming May. I like the garter carriage but it is noisy and slow but you can do some neat patterns on it. My next project will just be on my standard machine with ribber attached. Happy knitting! Did you ever restore that old Singer sewing machine?