Tuesday 24 August 2021

Lots of Crafty Developments

 Sometimes I feel like a little chubby hamster on a wheel chasing my own tail, I am sure hamsters have a little tail, but there is no chance of catching up with it.

I have made some major changes in the craft department, firstly after many request from local people I know I decided to start up doing workshops again, it’s been 7 years since I left all that behind in the shop and it’s been a bit of a baptism by fire, I forgot how much prep is involved and how mentally tiring they can be, but now getting back into the swing of it, 3 under my belt I am enjoying it.

We kicked off with Fabric Feathers 

Followed by a cushion that included hand stitching and Applique
Then we went on to Southern Start pin cushion which involved fabric folding and patch work
But of course a workshop space had to be created, working under COVID guidelines I only had space for 4 people, that’s fine I am happy to work with small groups, , but to get a working space created meant a lot of preparation, while we were having the hottest of hot heat waves.

I have taken over the small bedroom in the house, and a lot of my personal  sewing stuff has been moved there and a new sewing room has been set up,
A lot of sorting and clearing destashing from the cabin has taken place to make room for a workshop table and sewing machines

My long arm quilting machine has been relocated in the sewing in the house. 

It has been a lot of work and there is still more to do, but there is a workshop space, I still have lots of the equipment and tools from doing workshops before and have lots of stick and materials to hand that has made the task a bit easier, I have also set up a social media group for the craft side of things and started doing live videos on there making small projects, as well as doing a large sew along quilt project.

Last night was the first sew along for the quilt, it was a free pattern to down load and I am doing live videos coving the various methods used in constructing the quilt.

Last week was the first live small project, making fabric pumpkins, I have to say these videos and workshops are not the polished professional ones you see out there, they are crafting on the hoof on a real working smallholding, with chickens and cockerels wandering around, dogs in and out and me sat in front of the camera perhaps having just come from trimming goats feet or soaking wet having just finished feed rounds in the rain, they are real life warts and all no editing , here is a link to the Facebook group if you want to have a look at what goes on 


Oh and this is what happens when you try to work when animals are around

As well as all of that I am still getting new products in my shop, 

My Little Online Store

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