Monday 20 December 2021

We’re have I been

 Well not doing a lot of crafting although I have been itching to get going, unfortunately my health has reared an ugly problem and it has made crafting difficult, but Christmas looming I had been getting bits done. 

I am just finishing off my last gift.

I did start up doing workshops but unfortunately I then had to cancel everything, the same with doing crafting videos 

But I have plans afoot for getting going again in the new year, 

My Facebook craft group

I will be doing 52 weeks of crafts on my Facebook group were I will be posting a video every week showing a different craft. Please pop along and join. 

As I am awaiting surgery I can’t really arrange workshops at the moment, it’s all very annoying but nothing I can do about it. 

So keep crafting and looking forward to crafting with you in 2022. 

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